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Unlock Decluttering Secrets That Work 

If decluttering and organizing your home have been on your checklist for a while, but you never found the motivation, check this out...

                                            WHAT IF THINGS WERE DIFFERENT?

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  • Imagine waking up in the morning to a sink clear of any dishes and enjoying your cup of coffee at a cleaned off kitchen table; 

  • Imagine being able to quickly find the exact outfit you want to wear for the day, as your closet only has your favourite clothes in it;

  • Then, you make it out the door on time, as your bag for work is already prepared and the lunch box just needs to be picked up from the fridge.

  • When you come back home, you can easily decide what you want to cook for dinner, as the pantry is nicely organized and you know exactly what ingredients you already have;

  • You can enjoy your free evenings and weekends with your family and friends, as it is so easy now to maintain your house organized; 

  • You feel again in control and the guilt of not having your home "clean enough" is a long time away;

  • Your home has SPACE, and you have fallen in love with it all over again.

Are you ready for a    change?

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You Will Learn To

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Understand what stays behind the clutter and the urge to accumulate

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Declutter & organize your house with a personalized program

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Maintain your home clutter

-free and neat

with less effort


I am Madalina, part-time solo traveller, part-time Professional Organizer enthusiast, full-time creative who tells stories with a heartbeat.

5 years ago I started my journey with decluttering  and organizing my house after going through a difficult period. It was the first time in my life when I felt the urge to do it, as a metaphor of clearing my mind, leaving the past behind, and pushing the restart button for my new life.

That was the moment when I realized how little I actually need to be happy. And that I just need to take action.

In 2017 I turned my hobby into a business and this is how Rubikon Decor was born.

Since then, I inspire other people to find the resources and motivation to bring a new vibe in their home.

What's in for you?

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  • 1 Video consultation;                                    (briefing & get-to-know each other)

  • A personalized step-by-step program to complete in 21 days;

  • Online support whenever you need it;

  • Tracking the progress;

  • 2 methods to maintain the house organized;

  • Full access to premium materials                      in Rubikon Decor's library;

  • Life-time access to all course materials (articles, whitepapers, activity planner, assignments, forms, images, mood-boards and many more)

           Purchase the Online Program for €75


Unlock Decluttering Secrets That Work 

Perfect for your entire home

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